Alaska wears Gabriel D. Bustier

Lyrics : Alaska Thunderfuck
with Alaska Thunderfuck, Love Connie and Crystal Powers
Directed by Jayson Whitmore
by Producer Entertainment Group

Accessories by Gabriel D.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid – Montse Bassons – 2013 September
Styling : Enrique Cherubini
Credits : ELLE Espana

Harness, Head Harness and glasses by Gabriel D.

Horse Magazine – Dance with me to the end with Zegna
Director : José Manuel Ferrater / Jotaeme / Pablo Rothschild  –  Make up & hair : Manuel Pane Kasteel Agent for Mac
Art director & Styling : Enrique Cherubini  –  Horse Headpiece : FOREVER GLAM by Gabriel D.

Accessories by Gabriel D. :

0:43 to 0:54  Peacock Vest

0:55 to 0:56  Necklace

0:56 to 1:03   Transparent Harness

1:25 to 1:33  Mask

Styling : Jonas B

Accessories by Gabriel D. : “La Veste” – Roman “Empire” Shoulder Piece and Peacock Vest.

Réalisateur : André et François
Styling : Romuald Premier / Make up : Yann Boussand Larcher

0:29 to 0:38  Metal Effect Bustier by Gabriel D.

Réalisateur and Styling : Di Frau

Metal Effect Bustier by Gabriel D.

Réalisatrice et Styling : Di Frau

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